Q. How do i download the matchdayinfo app?

A. The MatchDayInfo app is now available to download on both iOS and Android platforms, simply search “matchdayinfo” on either app store, or follow the links below.

iOS: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Android: 5.1 and up



Q. How do i sign up to use the app?

A. Once downloaded onto your smart phone or tablet device, you’ll be greeted with the log in page. This will allow current users to log in to the app or new customers to register via Facebook, Twitter or email.

If selecting the email option, you will need to verify your account by following the link which will be sent to your email address. If you have chosen a social media account to register your account to, we can assure you that MatchDayInfo will NOT post or share anything on your account.

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 11.53.21.png

How do I sign up to use the app?

Q. How do i find and follow my team?

A. Starting from the ‘Home’ screen, select the ‘Explore’ button which can be found half way down the screen on the right hand side. Then select the ‘Team Index’ option at the top of your screen to see every team that uses the MatchDayInfo service. Either pull up the screen to find the search bar option, or scroll down to find your team.

Once you have found your team on the list, select the ‘Follow’ option. You can follow as many teams as you wish, even from different sports - these can be found on the ‘Following’ section, which is located on the home screen, which is customised to the teams that you wish to see.

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How do I find and follow my team?


A. MatchDayInfo allows the user to find a Match Day Programme quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves for not only being a worldwide distributor, but for allowing fans to download a match day programme in a matter of seconds (depending on network service and size of programme).

Our ‘Featured’ section on the home screen allows clubs to promote fixtures to all users on the app. This is regularly updated so if your team is showing in this section simply tap on the download button and follow the purchase instructions. However, if your team is not appearing on this section, then find your team on the ‘Following’ section, then select the team you want to see. You now have the option of downloading either current or archived programmes which can be found in either the ‘Events’ or ‘Archive’ sections.

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 12.36.06.png

How do I find the match day programme I am looking for?


Q. How do i download a programme?

A. After finding the Match Day Programme you wish to purchase, tap on the ‘BUY AND DOWNLOAD’ button. An in-app purchase pop-up will appear on your screen, either from Google Play or the iOS App Store. We want to make it as easy as possible to download a programme and we believe that doing it through either Google Pay or Apple Pay is the quickest and most secure way of achieving this.

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How do I download a programme?


Q. Once I read my programme does it automatically delete?

A. Not at all! The beauty of the app is the Match Day Programme is yours to keep and read you can read forever. You can also download as many programmes as you wish - these will automatically be stored in your ‘Downloads’ section. You can find this section on the Home Page; on the top left of your screen you’ll find three white lines, tapping this will open the side bar which shows the ‘Downloads’ button. Tap to see all of your current downloads which will remain on your account until you delete your profile.

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Once I read my programme does it automatically delete?

If you are having problems with your MatchDayInfo app or can’t find the answer you are looking for please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page which can be found in the footer below. We’ll be back in touch with you ASAP.