Want to sell your Match Day Programme Worldwide for free?

MatchDayInfo is an innovative, modern day solution that allows you to connect and keep up-to-date with your favourite sporting teams and individuals nationwide within seconds. Helping clubs and teams to promote a match day event, whilst creating a link between the fan and their idols.


Download and View Programmes

Providing an eco-friendly solution and bringing a match day programme directly onto the fan’s smartphone and tablet. Offering the ability for clubs to sell programmes across the nation – creating a promotional tool to help aid match day interest. Making programmes available to view at the game or from the comfort of your own seat at home


Follow your favourite teams…

The app allows clubs to have a direct link with the consumer offering updates on ticketing, travel advice, fixture updates and so much more. Push-through notifications ensures that the fans match day experience is effortless from leaving their front door to getting to their match seat.


… Across all sports

The platform allows sport fans to connect and follow their favourite sporting teams and icons all in one place. MatchDayInfo has the ability to unite all sports across the country, encouraging fans to follow more than one sport – through the promotional platform.

“As a sporting fan, who enjoys a multiple range of sports. MatchDayInfo provides a unique solution where I am able to keep up-to-date and have my say on each event whilst downloading and reading the match day programme.”

– Will Biggs, Director of MatchDayInfo Ltd.



For the Clubs

Reach all new

Either amateur or professional, the app caters for any sized sporting team.

Reaching fans throughout the country as they are able to guide and see what events are happening nearby. 

share your

Social media is a massive part of sports promotion, MatchDayInfo has the ability to let fans follow and connect with their favourite clubs whilst checking important match day information.

The app ensures a link between the fan and the club, which has disappeared over recent years. Happy supporters create a successful club. 


environmentally friendly

Offering a match day programme via an electronic paper download format will inevitable reduce the number of printed programmes.

However, at the same offering a programme to fans nationwide, which has never been done before.



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